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Diversifying Your Creative Materials with Printing Techniques

To most outsiders (not us planners), the event start is usually the time the ballroom doors open. To us, it starts at the first drop of creative materials. That said, it’s important that we make a splash, a statement and an everlasting impression as soon as the save-the-date or invitation hit a prospective attendee’s mailbox. Creative materials are what sets up event themes and guest expectations and, most important, what sets us apart from our competitors.

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The Unique Value of Wedding Designers

If you’re planning to become a wedding designer, it’s important that you know how to communicate your value to potential clients. You should easily be able to convey the key differences between a wedding planner and wedding designer, the dynamic skills wedding designers have, and how you will help take their wedding to the next level.

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In Search of Inspiration

I am in the business of good ideas. Some people look at my business and see that I make flowers or print stationery or plan parties. I believe, however, that all of those things are actually by-products of what I actually sell – which are good ideas. And let me tell you…

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