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Who am I? If I had to answer this in one sentence I’d say “I’m a Suburban Renaissance Man”. I’m a husband, father, son, friend, speaker, author, salesman, marketer, musician, handyman, consultant, teacher and all-around nice guy. I’m passionate about my family and my work. I love being creative and working with my hands, as well as my mind. I revel in the success of others and truly believe that your success will lead to more success for me. I believe that when you give first, you’ll get more than you could have ever asked for. I also believe in living for today, while planning for tomorrow. I listened to my father and followed my passion as he did. I was going to be an accountant like my father, but after two years in college, despite doing very well, I decided to follow my passion into marketing. I thought it would be tough to tell him that we would never be in practice together but he simply said that he loved what he does and that I should follow my passion and find something that I love. Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. Math was my strong subject in school, yet now I find myself working more with words as my medium. I was a relatively shy child, yet I now find myself standing in front of hundreds of people and loving it. If you had asked me when I graduated high school or college what I would be doing at this stage in my life, I never would have guessed this. That’s what makes it so exciting. Don’t try to plan for 3 stages out in your life. You’ll miss the one you’re in.

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