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Stella Ballarini

Owner & Creative Director, Scoozi Events NYC

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Stella Ballarini is the creative force behind one of NY's most dynamic caterers, Scoozi.  Together with her husband and General Manager Gianluca, and their team of twelve, they handle many of the most high profile events in the beauty and fashion industry.  Clients have included Chanel, GQ Magazine, Sex And The City, 30 Rock, Sean Jean, Conan O'Brien, W Magazine, 9/11 Memorial, Children's Book Council, and many others.  Scoozi won the 2009 ISES Big Apple Award for Best Food & Beverage Creation.

Stella is a professionally trained chef, a classically trained ballerina, and, most importantly, as a child was a Finalist in a McDonalds contest for reciting all the ingredients in a Big Mac in under 2 seconds!

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