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Mark Shearon

Founder & Managing Partner, Proscenium Group

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Mark is our very own Englishman in New York. You can hear it in his accent when he pronounces the word “mall” as “mawl”, and see it every day at 3pm when he takes tea with milk and a biscuit (that is British for cookie). Teatime is the ideal setting for Mark to reflect even more deeply about his clients, their challenges, their needs and how he can help them to perform better every day. 

Mark has spent the last 25+ years thinking about clients, opportunities and solutions. (He thinks with an accent too).  Over that time he has worked with the world’s best-performing brands on their most important communication and marketing programs. These include right now Qualcomm, Snapdragon by Qualcomm, Boeing, Discovery and T-Mobile. In the past at other agencies Mark has worked on brands like Ford Motor Company, American Express, Bank of America, ExxonMobil, Samsung and Walmart.

If Mark played cricket he’d be known as an "all rounder".  If he were in Hollywood he’d be known as a “triple threat”.  If he were a knife, only the Swiss Army type would do.  He has strategized with CEOs, created campaigns with Brand Managers and collaborated with clients on the production of key product launches.  Mark has fielded 26,000 business partners in a single game, played the leading role in sports marketing activations for 150,000+ consumers and cut to the chase for live meetings of 17,500 employees.  His specialty is the any-scale, success-critical, high-performance, face-to-face, digitally savvy event that drives Business to perform.

Prior to founding Proscenium, Mark worked on both sides of the pond with Imagination in London and for four years he led the Eastern Region and Engagement Communications practice for TBA Global in NYC, with clients in the Automotive, Technology, Oil & Gas, Communications, Finance and Retail industry sectors.

On a Summer evening, he loves nothing better than to be on his deck with his two boys and his wife Sharon (that's right Sharon Shearon, she must love him) sipping a London Dry Gin and Tonic with Lemon. You can take the man out of England but you can’t take England out of the man. 
(We know; we’ve tried).

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