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David Merrell

President & Creative Director, AOO Events

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Since David Merrell opened AOO events in 1989, he has earned a reputation as designing some of the most innovative, cutting edge events in the business. Honored as “Designer of the Year” by Event Solutions in 2008, Merrell has also earned nine Gala Awards from Special Event Magazine; the event industry’s ”Oscar.” He is also the recipient of seven Esprit Awards, a BizBash and a Crystal Site Award. Merrell is the former President of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES), and has served in numerous positions of international boards of ISES.  A member of Event Solutions and BizBash Magazine’s Advisory Board, Merrell is regularly featured in numerous trade and consumer publications and is a popular industry speaker both nationally and internationally. He is also the “Big Dawg” of AOO’s award-winning blog,

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