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Matthew Saravay

President, Wizard Studios

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Wizard Studios-NY was founded in 2002 and is a national company whose unique and award-winning special event visioning, design and implementation abilities are sought after by Fortune 500 companies, major Non Profit Agencies, Cultural Institutions and Tourist Destinations. Wizard Studios takes simple but elegant ideas and complex concepts and manifests them into highly crafted yet scalable public and private events. Our firm maintains a lifelong belief in the power of special events as the most effective means to engage, inspire and inform people who come together and experience our productions. It is through opportunities to share common activities whether cultural, recreational or educational, that connects the participants to each other, exposing them to new concepts, experiences and venues. Wizard Studios has offices in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Orlando, Naples/Marco Island, New York City, Los Angeles, and Puerto Rico with strategic partnerships in Hawaii, Mexico, the UK, Spain and Sweden. Visit Wizard Studios online at

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