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TECHNICAL MEETING & EVENT PRODUCTION (full-day | 9:00 am - 5:30 pm)

Do you know how many lumens your projector should be? Or whether your lighting vendor is correct in using PAR fixtures instead of Lekos to light the podium? Regardless of your experience level, if your audio visual proposal looks like a foreign language to you, you're not alone. This course will empower you to understand what kind of gear, staff, and set up your event actually needs to function properly, look right, and be cost-effective. This one-day intensive course will offer a hands-on experience covering audio (microphones, speakers, sound systems & acoustics), projectors & display screens, lighting, video, staging, run of show and production documents, teleprompters, who’s who in the production booth, configuring slide decks, what’s involved in “calling a show.”  This course is taught by Brandt Krueger.

Take our free online assessment test to see how much you know about Technical Production. Over 2,000 planners have taken this test, with the average score being 49 out of 100. This is a great opportunity to separate yourself from your peers and gain a competitive advantage for your career.

LEADERSHIP & INNOVATION (half-day | 9:00 am - 12:30 pm)

Top level event industry professionals are judged on their unique blend of street and book smarts, personality, teamwork and strong work ethic. How would you describe leadership qualities? Is your management style more approachable or authoritative? Are you able to successfully engage employees and team members based on their skill level? Becoming a true leader that creates confident, inspired, empowered, and enthusiastic teams is difficult work! Through this course, we’ll hone in on enhancing communication skills, developing your personal brand and managing difficult employees or clients. Learn how to differentiate yourself from your peers and improve overall performance. This course is taught by Howard Givner.

BUSINESS OWNERS' ROUNDTABLE (half-day | 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm)

As a business owner you face unique challenges in trying to grow your company, whether you're a solo independent planner or you own a larger event business. This roundtable will provide a closed-door forum where owners can exchange ideas with their peers, and brainstorm solutions to common issues, such as: prospecting, sales, pricing, marketing, branding, finding and keeping the right employees, and more. Attendees will leave feeling reinvigorated about their businesses, with new ideas on how to grow their companies, and new relationships with fellow business owners to use as sounding boards moving forward. This course is taught by Howard Givner.

NOTE: The Event Leadership Institute reserves the right to cancel its educational programming should there not be a sufficient number of participants registered for the training. If this occurs, students will be notified prior to the event date and reimbursed for their enrollment fee.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Through our Technical Meeting & Event Production course, you'll gain a detailed understanding of all audio visual and lighting elements involved in producing most meetings and events. Be able to identify criteria for selecting the right venue and vendor(s) for your event, from a technical production vantage point.
  2. Within the Leadership & Innovation track, you'll work to develop your skills in the areas of communication, personal brand and managing difficult employees or clients. Learn how to differentiate yourself from your peers and improve overall performance.
  3. As a participant in our Business Owners' Roundtable, work with your peers to identify and analyze different paths for growth, and the differing strategies each requires. Identify common roadblocks businesses face in our industry, and how successful firms have overcome them.


Click here to view the Technical Meeting & Event Production syllabus.

Click here to view the Leadership & Innovation syllabus.

Click here to view the Business Owners' Roundtable syllabus.


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    Close proximity to hotels, public transportation and local attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. Our San Francisco training center is the perfect location to host your next event.



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Course Details

  • Start Date:June 22
  • Duration:Full/Half Day
  • Location:655 Montgomery Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, CA
  • Tuition:Prices vary based on course track.
  • CMP Clock Hours:9.00

About the Instructor

Howard Givner

Executive Director

Event Leadership Institute

With over 20 years of industry experience, Howard is a widely recognized expert and innovator in the... find out more

Brandt Krueger


Event Technology Consulting

As a first generation personal computer user since the age of 6, technology is part of Brandt's DNA.... find out more

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I earn a credential?















Students who complete this course and pass a final exam will earn a Digital Credential from the Event Leadership Institute for Technical Meeting & Event Production. Learn more about our Digital Credentials. If you would like to take the exam, it will be administered online, at a date and time of your choosing, within the examination period. Students who register for the exam will have access to additional online material to serve as a study guide.















How does the course work?


Participants will log into our private Learning Management System, where each week approximately 2 hours of new lesson content will be released. Lesson content will usually be in video format, broken into digestible chapters of approximately 5-10 minutes each, and may be supplemented with PDFs or links to external articles. The lessons may be viewed at any time once they are released, and you can complete the lesson videos at your own pace.  Short quizzes and assignments may be given to help reinforce learning outcomes. 


Tell me about your learning guarantee?


The Event Leadership Institute stands behind all of its content.  If you feel you didn't learn what you expected to in this course, just let us know within 30 days of the final lesson and we'll give you a full refund.


What are people saying about ELI and this course?

"I was immediately able to put what I learned into use. My notes will serve as a great reference tool."  Jill Williams | Associate Director of University Events Johns Hopkins University

"Phenomenal content, delivery was fun, easy to understand. Would highly recommend to others." Erin Gallagher | Meeting Planner, NHS Global Events

"Brandt did a great job! Great info covered quickly and professionally.  I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it."  Sharon Matyas | Special Events & Community Relations Manager, Culinary Institute of America

"The whole course was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I also learned a lot and had things I am already doing reinforced as best practices. Brandt did a great job! While I initially balked because of the price (I paid this on my own), I do feel that I got my money's worth." Jennifer Braun | Meeting Manager, National Association of Realtors

"I feel like I have a much better grasp about AV thanks to Brandt. The class was easy to follow, Brandt was easy to understand and I feel like I can truly be an asset when it comes to AV needs for my organizations."  Lauren Tapp | Events & Volunteer Manager, Point Foundation

"Learning and mastering audio visual and other technical event elements has been absolutely instrumental in my career growth, from office manager to co-owner of my own firm.  It helped separate me from my peers and gave me the ability to take on more complex projects." Lizz Torgovnick | Managing Director, Sequence

"A knowledge of  audio visual and lighting is critical to event producers as these elements highlight content, help to create an immersive environment and set the tempo and attitude of the overall event." Gary Pagano | Senior Director, Viacom Special Events

"Hands down, the best educational content and the smartest instructors in our industry."  David Adler | CEO, BizBash

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