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Smarticles, The Easiest Way to Get a Little Smarter Each Week

Smarticles are “smart articles”, short, but valuable, micro-lessons that we jailbreak from our event planning classes and videos, and send straight to your inbox once a week. We developed Smarticles as a free event planning resource with the busy event and meetings industry professional in mind. With read times of 2-3 minutes each, these knowledge bytes help you get a little bit smarter each week. In the time it takes to wait for a train, ride an elevator, or microwave popcorn, you’ll gain new knowledge and skills, and insights you can put into action immediately. Want to get Smarticles sent to your inbox each week? Scroll down to sign up for free!

Sample Smarticles

Wondering what to expect?
Check out some of our past Smarticles below:

Balance Sheet vs. Profit & Loss

What’s the Difference Between A Balance Sheet & A Profit & Loss Statement?

How To "Shrink" A Room

How To “Shrink” A Room When You’re Guest Count Is Too Small For The Space.

Auction Items & Tax Deductibility

How to Calculate the Tax Deductibility of An Auction Item or Sponsorship Package.

Amps, Watts, Volts? Event Electrical

Amps, Watts & Volts: How to Calculate Your Event’s Electrical Needs.

Want to get Smarticles sent to your inbox each week?

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