What's a Smarticle?

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Smarticles are "smart articles", short, but valuable, micro-lessons that we jailbreak from our video classes. We developed them for people who think our content rocks, but don't always have the time to log in and watch a video or take a course. Paid subscribers get a new one in their in box each week, with read times of 2-3 minutes each. End result: these knowledge bytes help you get a little bit smarter each week, in the time it takes to wait for a train, ride an elevator, or microwave popcorn.  

Here are some sample Smarticles:

How to 'Shrink' A Room That's Too Big For Your Guest Count
When to Use A Teleprompter
What's the Difference Between A Balance Sheet and An Income Statement?
What is a Fishbowl Setup and When Should You Use It?
Doing Events in Museums: What You Need To Know
How to Calculate the Tax Deductibility of An Auction Item or Sponsorship Package 
Understanding Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Colors; Hues, Tints, Tones & Shades
How to Use Complementary, Analagous, Triadic, and Monochromatic Color Strategies
Amps, Watts & Volts: How to Calculate Your Event's Electrical Needs

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