I LOVE THE EVENT LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE VIDEOS!!!! I think they are so great and it really is about time to have serious conversations about the business side of events plus the business side of creativity. For the longest time I would go to The Special Event for all things creative or 'trendy'. But for the serious nuts and bolts.."how to get my business to the half-million or million dollar roundtable", I've had to spend weeks attending executive management programs at Dartmouth, University of Virginia, etc. to study strategic development/management/leadership and so forth. I think ELI is a nice blend of the two (creative and strategic). Keep up the great work on everything! Staunch supporter and friend.

Andrea Lyons | Chief Executive Officer | All About Presentation

The Event Leadership Institute has moved to the forefront of online learning for the event industry, and has created THE standard of education provision in both level of content and accessibility to students. It’s the perfect supplement to a higher education curriculum.

Kevin White | CEO | XPL, & Secretary of ISES Board of Governors

I must express my heartfelt thank you to the entire team that came to my rescue. I was already incredibly impressed by Brandt's course, the wealth of information presented in the most captivating, engaging manner but you've managed to raise the bar even higher with the human factor. Bravo!

Julia Angel | Events Specialist | Technicolor.com

"Home Run! Thank you for the amazing webinars!

Ramel Kelly | Executive Director National Accounts, NE | Loews Hotels

What took me a decade to learn on the job, is now available in the most succinct and accessible format thanks to ELI. I can count on ELI to deliver the professional and innovative training my team and I need to remain competitive and cutting edge. An ELI membership is one of the smartest investments an events business owner can make.

Lyn Stout | A Bond Event

What BizBash did for industry news, ELI is doing for industry education. We are proud investors in ELI.

David Adler | Founder & CEO | BizBash Media

(We) have been participating in and immensely enjoying online classes offered through the Event Leadership Institute. Thank you for giving us access to such wonderful speakers and learning opportunities this year....ELI has helped remind us to continue to strive for the best... I just watched the classes on Engagement in Meetings and Toxic Employees and they were fantastic.

Kerry Blosten | Training & Events Unit Supervisor | Los Angeles County District Attorney Bureau of Community Relations

Even though I’ve been in the events industry for more than 10 years, I’m not going to pretend to know everything! It’s so important to constantly be learning about new trends and ideas. And sometimes, you just need a refresher on a particular topic. From AV and lighting to catering, ELI gives you access to some of the best event pros and their tips and tricks. The best part is, you can view as much or as little as you need and really go at your own pace. I highly recommend the Annual membership- it’s an invaluable resource, no matter how many years you’ve been in the business.

Leila Marie EID | Associate Director of Events | Northeastern University

The classes being provided are simply excellent for business owners. I’ve been searching for more than 12 months for courses and information about operating an events business and became very frustrated with associations focusing on event delivery skills and nothing to do with operating an event business. My subscription to ELI has been so valuable in such a short period of time – keep up the good work!

Sally Porteous | Owner | Red Lanyard

Awesome customer service! You guys are super quick to resolve issues!

Jodi Hoye | Schmidt's Hospitality Concepts

I really believe in what you’re doing at ELI and I would love to help spread the word and contribute. On-demand education is so important to the changing landscape of the event and small business culture - and I want to be part of the culture you’re creating,

Doug Melville | Chief Diversity Officer | TBWA, & ELI Instructor

Honestly, out of all the video/resources out there on Event Planning, yours are by far the most useful. I was taking an Event Planning Certificate course at George Washington University at $475/class and I got more out of three of your videos than out of the three classes I took of theirs online. I would definitely recommend ELI to other folks.

Lynne Grogan | Events & Office Manager | Relevance, Inc.

I really value being affiliated with ELI and, now that I've got a little in-front-of-the-camera experience under my belt, I'd be delighted to contribute as often as the occasion and need permits. It's a real pleasure for me to have the opportunity to spread some knowledge around - I think it's important - and, quite frankly, it's been a delightful experience so far. Thanks very much for making me a part of your mission and business.

Richard Tatum | Director of Lighting Services | L&M Sound & Light, & ELI Instructor

I fully enjoy my membership with ELI, and found the classes to be valuable, high quality, and interesting. The speakers are of a high caliber. I really have no suggestions for improvement. It’s a great tool to stay on top of industry trends and educate yourself.

Beth Solomon | Event Manager | Institute for Healthcare Improvement

I’ve been greatly enjoying the classes – especially the ones that involve case studies – those are always very engaging! I also really enjoyed the best practices for presentations by Brandt Krueger – I’m already implementing some of his suggestions!

Kristen Fallon | Event Planner II | TD Bank

Keep on with the awesomeness -- you guys are creating great stuff!

LeeAnn Renninger, PhD | Director | LifeLabs New York

I have been very impressed by the diversity of the webinars you offer and the value of the content. Thank you for all you do to improve the knowledge base and professionalism of our industry. 

Laura Kesselman | President | Kesselman-Jones, Inc.

What you guys are doing is amazing and a true inspiration to many. Keep up the awesome work!

Alex Shahabi | Music & Entertainment Director /Event Producer | Style Events

Thank you for your continued leadership and always lighting the way.

Ceci Johnson | Founder | CECI New York

I fully enjoyed my membership with ELI, and found the classes to be valuable, high quality, and interesting. The speakers were of a high caliber...It’s a great tool to stay on top of industry trends and educate yourself.

Beth Solomon | Event Manager | Institute for Healthcare Improvement

I was working towards my CMP certification and needed to get a large number of education credits in a short period of time.  Your website worked perfectly for this...I really liked how each course was "pre approved" by the CIC and indicated how many credits it was worth.

Jamie Steiner, CMP | Senior Planner, Meetings & Events, Brand Marketing | RBC

I enjoy being able to stream the videos at my desk, or in the comfort of my couch at home on my iPad. I find that there is a wide variety of topics available...The video seminars are constantly being updated and are relevant to today's event planners. I highly recommend this product! 

A. Falls | Event Consultant | MacEwan University

The quality and depth of coverage in the ELI classes is, in my opinion, unmatched. Participants in these programs can't help but be better prepared event professionals once they have taken these classes.

Matthew Saravay | CEO | Wizard Studios

...definitely the best made continuing education webinars I have seen out there.

Brandy Lebetsamer

I am finding the Event Leadership Institute a great resource and look forward to more great programming.

Lisa Kelly | Senior Account Executive | The Charles Group, Fairfield, NJ

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support throughout the semester. I know that it took us a while to get things up and running but I truly believe that this is going to be a great partnership. I have already started updating the curriculum for fall and I believe that with your website, we are going to deliver an amazing learning experience.

Catherine Anderson | Program Coordinator, Hospitality Management | Joliet Junior College

All the classes I have taken so far have been very informative and helpful. I've gotten some great ideas that I can apply to our own events. The Maverick Series was excellent.

Kelly Maxey | Arbor Commercial Mortgage

The Negotiating with Venues webinar was excellent! I only wish I had taken this course about six months ago! Great content and immediately applicable knowledge. Loved it!

Regina Pierce | T-Mobile USA

The Event Leadership Institute has been a tremendous resource. Like many event professionals, I am self taught and these classes have been an eye opener. It has encouraged me to try new things; including exploring the option of business ownership.... The Event Leadership Institute is an answer to what our industry needed!

Natalie Ross | Assistant Director of Special Events | Columbia Univesity Medical Center

When evaluating new staff candidates as well as freelance professionals, one of the first things we take into consideration is that person’s legitimate, industry-specific education. A certificate from E.L.I. tells us they are on the right track.

Rob Hulsmeyer | Senior Partner | Empire Force Events

Your customer service was off the charts!!! :)

Anastasia Williams | Event Planner

Having Howard onsite at our US Event Planners Offsite made a huge difference. Using a moderator who understood our business and intimately knew our challenges, was really effective. Howard was able to get our team to think out of the box and look at our events from a different perspective.

Jill Langman Blyn | Global Head of Event Management | BlackRock

I've really enjoyed the Event Leadership Institute as a resource. I oversee the Dinner/Golf fundraising programs for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and have found this site as the most helpful site out there when I need new ideas, confirmation of industry standards and so on and often reference it to my team and the staff we have out there working these events.

Britt Fife | Director of Dinners, Galas and Golf | St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

This is an amazing course and you are doing a FABULOUS job with the training!!! Even though I've been meeting planning for over 20 years, I am learning so much detail! Thank you.

Tami Forcellina | Corporate Relations Administrator | Diageo

I learned so much from this course, and was proud to put just having taken it on my resume. I would absolutely recommend it to others.

Libby Richardson | Events Manager | United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut

Thank you so much for the course. I found it immensely helpful and would recommend it to colleagues within the industry. I especially appreciate the advice of creating a niche. Again, thank you so much!! Nicole

Nicole Simunac | The Launching Pad: Starting Your Own Event Company | Bisou Events

I am really enjoying the Launching Pad course! Thank you for sharing all of your insight, experience and knowledge. I’ve been in the business for about 15 years and am in the process of building my company and your course has been extremely timely and helpful!

MaryAnne Kanacki | President | Dragonfly Agency

I just finished the course and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of this information. I just quit my job of 15 years to start my own even consulting firm and you have touched on each and every question I had. And you have answered questions that I didn't even know I needed answers to.

Melinda Cooke | Owner | Magenta Events

I can’t tell you how insightful these classes are. There is no structure available for planners and the ELI classes are like a shinning light in the dark.

Jharna Jaisinghani | Artistic Affairs

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